We at the Augljos Eye Center have clear service goals.  We are not satisfied with anything else than top notch results.  We strive to optimize your visual result and we believe we have the technology, experience, safety measures and service to match your goals.

Augljos Eye Center offers the latest technology in laser refractive surgery.  Our Schwind AMARIS laser is a brand new laser offering the latest flying spot technique performing a silky smooth profiling of the cornea, resulting in a unsurpassing clarity of vision – without visual aids.  The velocity of the flying spots is 500 Hz, which means that 500 spots are applied each second, cutting the length of treatment down by a half from previous traditional lasers.  During all stages of the operation, the surgeon monitors the thickness of the cornea with a special application in the laser.

Using the latest equipment however is not enough when performing laser surgery.  The difference between a professional golfer and a weekend golfer both using top golf clubs is quite clear.  We aim to set a high standard regarding the standard of education and experience of our laser refractive surgeons.  Johannes Kristinsson MD PhD has performed over 9000 laser refractive surgeries.  He did his residency in ophthalmology at the Duke University Eye Center in NC, USA, which has constantly been in the 7th or 8th place in US News & World Report over the best US eye hospitals.  He also did a fellowship in laser refractive surgery as well as cornea and external diseases at Duke Eye Center, moving back to Iceland in 2001.  He is still the only laser refractive surgeon in the country who has completed a fellowship in laser refractive surgery.

Augljos Eye Center offers a 3 years’ insurance of laser refractive surgery.  This means that if you are not happy with the results of surgery you are eligible for a free laser refractive surgery enhancement up to 3 years after the initial surgery.

We periodically analyse the outcome of the surgeries in order to make sure that the equipment calibration is adequate.

High quality service is our specialty.  We are honored that you trust us with your eyes and do everything in our power to ensure that you experience the best medical service possible in this field.

Our security standards are high.  The cutting edge laser refractive technology offered at our clinic is the latest offered from the distinguished German firm Schwind.  This is the Schwind AMARIS laser, with a revolutionary laser technology aimed at producing the best visual results possible for our patients.