360,000 ISK


  • A fellowship-trained surgeon*
  • Excimer laser Schwind Amaris 500E
  • Amadeus II microkeratome – the most advanced microkeratome to date**
  • Iris guided personalized treatment
  • Dual pulse algorithm
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The Eye Surgery and follow-up is included in the above mentioned prices. Any medicine and other treatments adviced by Dr. Kristinsson is excluded.


Eyelight Eye Center is proud to offer cutting edge laser refractive surgery at a very competitive price, one of the lowest offered in the Nordic countries, even when corrected for the exchange difference. 


*A fellowship-trained surgeon is someone who has finished a whole year in a structured program aimed at increasing both specialty knowledge and surgical abilities.  Dr. Kristinsson finished a fellowship program at one of the most prestigious university based eye centers in the world, Duke Eye Center in North Carolina, USA.