LASIK - reshaping of the cornea with laser

The world is reflected in our eyes.  Almost 80% of our perceptions come through our eyes and it is a privilege to be able to experience them without visual aids.  

LASIK operation takes only ten minutes and makes it possible to get rid of  spectacles and contact lenses.  During this operation an ultra-precise laser reshapes the surface of the cornea making it possible for the light to focus on the retina, making the image sharper.  This illustrates how important the development of computer technique was to the  history of laser refractive surgery - a procedure shaving a fraction of a millimeter can actually make it possible to stop wearing glasses or contact lenses.  To perceive the world through the eyes without looking through glass, plastic or silicone.  

If you wish to be evaluated for laser refractive surgery we can check whether you are a candidate.  If you are, we can make this happen.

Why choose us?

Clear service goals

Your happiness is our goal.  We are never in a hurry, take our time offering our services and do our best in making your LASIK a memorable experience.

Years of experience

Our surgical team has performed over 6000 operations since the year 2001.  This is valuable experience for the benefit of your eyes.

Advanced technology

The Schwind Amaris refractive laser treatment system is one of the most technologically advanced systems in the world - and our equipment is the latest of the kind.  German design, quality and precision come together in a laser specifically made for you with infinite choices and possibilities.

Specialty training in cornea and refractive surgery

A full training in corneal diseases and refractive surgery is a prerequisite for offering a full laser refractive service.  Augljos Eye Center offers a training and fellowship from Duke University Eye Center, which has been selected among the top ten eye centers in the USA according to US News & World Report 10 Best Hospitals.

Three years' treatment guarantee

Many laser centers only offer 6 months' follow-up after laser surgery and do not offer re-treatments after this period.  We offer re-treatment as indicated for 3 years following the initial operation if needed.